Please note that not all proposals were reviewed, for now this is a short list with a selection of accepted speakers. More will be published in the near future.



Alexandr Dubovikov

He is CTO for QXIP B.V. Alexandr holds a diploma in physics of Odessa State University. He has 25 years of experience in telecommunication techniques and has contributed to many OpenSource projects like FeeeSwitch, SER, Kamailio, SEMS, Asterisk, SIPP, Wireshark. Alexandr is the founder and main developer of Homer SIP Capture project.

Andreas Granig

He is the founder and CTO of Sipfront, Austria, working in telecoms since 2000 and has since designed, developed and deployed a hundred kamailio/rtpengine based VoIP systems. Back at Sipwise, he has founded and steered the rtpengine project and is now working on Test Automation at Sipfront. At Kamailio World, Andreas will share his challenges and approaches with 25 years of Do’s and Don’ts in Telecom QA.

Benjamin Tietz

He is working since 2021 as VoIP-Engineer at sipgate.de, Düsseldorf, Germany. He has been doing VoIP and System-engineering stuff since 2011, with interest in testing, scalability and security for small to large RTC deployments.

Daniel-Constantin Mierla

He co-founded Kamailio in June 2005, aiming to build a solid SIP server project where openness to community and contributions has an important role, previously being core developer of SIP Express Router (SER) from its early beginning in 2002. He has a Master degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the Polytechnics University of Bucharest. His experience was accumulated working as consultant for Orange Romania, branch of French Orange mobile operator, and researcher in network communications at Fraunhofer Fokus Institute, Berlin, Germany.

His activity is done at Asipto, a company targeting to offer and build reliable services and solutions that benefit at maximum from Kamailio’s flexibility and features, sharing knowledge and expertise via professional trainings and consultancy. Daniel is leading the development of the Kamailio project and he is member of its management board.

Dan Christian Bogos

He is the founder of ITsysCOM (itsyscom.com), experienced communications architect and VoIP specialist. Dan is a double graduate of Politehnica University, Timisoara, with post-graduate specialization in Communication Protocols and Software Development. A frequent and well-known contributor to the Open Source community, most noticeably being the co-founder of CGRateS Project (www.cgrates.org), he is a firm believer in merging the very best production-ready software to create high-quality, scalable and cost-effective communications solutions.

Dennis P. Kersten

He is the principal at VoIPGo Germany, a company offering consultancy for real time communications, building cloud PBX or telephony systems, leveraging open source projects such as Asterisk and Kamailio. Dennis helped to create vio:networks Germany, a company offering cloud communication services.

Dmytro Bogovych

He is working for sevana.biz, being passionate about audio processing and packet transmission technology, spending more than 15 years in the field. He is going to share insights about combining packet and waveform analysis to bring competitive advantages to call quality and monitoring.

Elena-Ramona Modroiu

She is a co-founder of Kamailio project, being also member of its management board. Her involvement in VoIP started by joining SER (SIP Express Router) in the spring of 2003, just after several months since the project was publicly released. She became one of the most active contributors, with key modules like avpops, diameter support, pdt, speeddial, uac, xlog. Elana-Ramona has a Master degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the Polytechnics University of Bucharest, Romania, completing the studies at Politechnics University of Valencia, Spain, and Fraunhofer Fokus Institute, Berlin, Germany.

Nowadays she is a senior researcher at TU Berlin and COO of Asipto. Part of her activity involves researching on future 5/6G technologies. Long time ago, she started Siremis Project – an open source web admin application for Kamailio – and has authored many tutorials about the Kamailio project, including Devel Guide, Pseudo-Variables Cookbook or Radius Integration.

Evan McGee

He is the CTO and Co-Founder of SignalWire, a cloud-native communications infrastructure company, also known to be the company developing the FreeSwitch project. His passion today is for developers that need to build video, calling, or messaging into their websites and apps with cross-platform SDKs and API’s. Previously at RingPlus, Evan helped create and grow the MVNO from a blue sky project to 120k+ mobile users spread throughout the United States.

Fred Posner

He is one of the most active Kamailio community members in USA, promoting the project at many conferences in North America, being also member of the management group. Fred developed and offers the APIBan.org as a free service to help preventing the unwanted SIP traffic from bad actors. He provides VoIP consulting services through The Palner Group and LOD Communications.

Julien Chavanton

He is a software engineer, open source and free software enthusiast!

After spending almost 20 years hacking, starting in computer and telephony integration in 2000 contributing to GNU/Bayonne and then naturally becoming an active contributor to various other open source projects like Kamailio (e.g., rtp_media_server, dmq, dialog, presence, …), Freeswitch and Linphone, reading and studying open source software, is and was always his favourite way to learn and improve skills.

In the past few years, he has been working on multiple projects in parallel and I remain greatly passionate about real time communication and eBPF packet manipulation.

Kirill Tikhonov

He is a senior engineering manager at Ringcentral, working on highload geographically distributed SIP routing for more than 6 years. Before, he has been working with embedded systems, prototyping hardware and developing firmware, as well as writing navigation software.

Mack Hendricks

He obtained a Bachelor and Masters of Science in Computer Science from Oakland Univ. Mack has worked for large Silicon Valley-based companies for most of his 20-year career, including 5 years at Sun Microsystems and 10 years at Oracle Corporation. In parallel, he has built companies in the restaurant and technology sector. His current companies and projects:

– Founder and Managing Partner, Flyball – a holding company that has two main subsidiaries, dOpenSource and DetroitPBX. dOpenSource provides commercial support for Open Source telephony projects and it sponsors an Open Source project called dSIPRouter
– Co-Founder and Managing Director, Detroit Black Tech – a 501(c)3 non-profit focused on promoting Black Tech Talent in Detroit and globally through their annual software developer conference called “Hacking With The Homies Developer Conference“
– Entrepreneur in Residence, TechTown – Mack has the privilege of mentoring up and coming early stage tech companies. He bootstrapped all of his companies, so he leans in on that experience to provide guidance to these companies. He works with them to develop their idea and a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) with the desire to find a product-market fit.

One primary principle driving Mack is setting up a framework that allows generational wealth to grow and be passed down to his kids, grandkids, great grandkids and so on.

Maksim Nesterov

He works as a VoIP engineer for ybot.ai, a voice AI-powered automation platform. Maksim has over 15 years of experience in VoIP, RTC and backend development. He has been developing voice services for international call centers, small and large telecom providers. Maksim holds a master’s degree in systems analysis and management.

Markus Töpfer

He has a master of Space Systems Engineering, working in the past QSC AG, at that time one of biggest termination providers in Germany. Currently he is Voice Systems Engineer at DLR (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft und Raumfahrt — the German Space Operations Center). Markus initiated and leads the project openvocs – open Voice Conferencing Systems for Mission Control.

Mathias Pasquay

He is the co-founder and CEO of Pascom, Germany, with many years experience in the delivery of integrated systems based on open source software. A software developer at heart, Mathias was instrumental in the creation of Pascom’s user friendly and feature rich Business Communications platform.

Roman Onic

With more than 20 years of experience in telecommunications R&D, he started his career with 2G/3G voice core development and moved to GPRS/UMTS packet core development. Currently Romani is working in R&D for mission critical systems based on IMS architecture at Kontron Transportation GmbH based in Vienna, Austria, using different access types (e.g. LTE or non 3GPP). Apart of that, he is interested in DevOps and responsible for a so-called Platform team. They deploying their in-house solutions on several different platforms which includes public clouds and on premise deployments using Red Hat OpenShift or OpenStack depending on customer needs.

Sai Kiran Dasika

He is a Voice Engineer at Twilio. He is part of the Voice Connectivity organization that operates VoIP services globally for their customers. His primary focus is on products aimed at restoring trust in the PSTN ecosystem. Specifically, he works on projects like STIR/SHAKEN, CNAM, and Branded Calling, enabling Twilio’s customers to improve their call answer rates.

Shih-Ping (Richard) Chan

He is a software integrator in the VVoIP space from Singapore, primarily using FreeSWITCH , Kamailio, and RTPengine. His has an MA and PhD in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge.

He has recently started embarking on software development as well contributing the tls_wolfssl module to Kamailio. Currently he is interested in improving the integration of OpenSSL 3.x and Kamailio, while also maintaining the tls_wolfssl module.

Thomas Magedanz, Prof. Dr.

He has been professor at the Technische Universität Berlin, Germany, leading the chair for next generation networks (www.av.tu-berlin.de) since 2004. In addition, since 2003 he has been Director of the Business Unit Software-based Networks (NGNI) at the Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems FOKUS (www.fokus.fraunhofer.de/go/ngni) in Berlin.

For 30 years Prof. Magedanz has been a globally recognized ICT expert, working in the convergence field of telecommunications, Internet and information technologies understanding both the technology domains and the international market demands. He often acts as an independent technology consultant for international ICT companies. In the course of his applied research and development activities he created many internationally recognized prototype implementations of global telecommunications standards that provide the foundations for the efficient development of various open technology testbeds around the globe. His current interest is in software-based 5G networks for different verticals, with a strong focus on edge computing, network slicing, and private industrial networks. The Fraunhofer 5G Playground (www.5G-Playground.org) represents, in this regard, the world´s most advanced Open 5G testbed which is based on the Open5GCore software toolkit (www.open5Gcore.org), representing the first reference implementation of the current 3GPP 5G Release 15 standards.

More details and a longer version of his activity are available here.

Tim Panton

He is the CTO at pi.pe GmBH – who license a cleanroom webRTC stack to connected camera makers (e.g. baby monitors etc). He has been doing webRTC since before it was a thing, writing code, fixing bugs, listening to people and contributing to open standards (IETF + W3c) and opensource protocols (SNMP, SRTP,ICE, SCTP etc).

His earlier projects range from management code for ESA’s Infrared space telescope, an internet vulnerability scanner and an app providing video-calling for pets.

Wolfgang Kampichler, Dr.

He is initiator and co-developer of DEC112, a private initiative to provide accessibility to Austrian emergency services. As principal scientist at Frequentis AG, Wolfgang actively contributes to innovation and technical expertise for future public-safety communications technologies in Europe and abroad. He is an engineer who started his career as a research assistant at the Department of Computer Science at Vienna University of Technology and attained a doctorate degree in technical sciences in 2002. Wolfgang supports standardization working groups in public safety (ETSI SC EMTEL) and air traffic management (EUROCAE) and is co-chair of the European Emergency Number Association (EENA) Technical and Operational Committee.

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