Please note that not all proposals were reviewed, for now this is a short list with accepted speakers. More will be published in the near future.

Alex Balashov

He is principal of Evariste Systems, an Atlanta-based consultancy specializing in open-source focused SIP service delivery solutions for wholesale and retail ITSPs and competitive carriers (CLECs). Alex is a member of Kamailio project management board, involved in application development and community engagement.

Allison Smith

She is one of the most recognized telephone voices working today. Best known for her work with Asterisk, Allison has also voiced platforms for Verizon, Qwest, Cingular, Bell Canada, and Cincinnati Bell. Her voice can be heard on IVRs for Toyota, NASA, 3M, Victoria’s Secret, PetSmart, and countless others. A passionate blogger and speaker about IVR Best Practices, Allison brings a fresh perspective from her vantage point behind the mic on ways in which IVR can be improved. Her website is www.theivrvoice.com.

Andreas Granig

He holds a degree in IT/IT-Marketing from University of Applied Sciences in Graz, Austria. He is involved in VoIP development since 2000 and later co-founded Sipwise, a company dedicated to provide highly available and scalable SIP soft-switch appliances based on open-source building blocks like Kamailio and SEMS for medium to large-size ISPs/ITSPs. A well know product released by Sipwise is the SIP:Provider IP telephony platform. Andreas is member of management board of Kamailio project.

Carsten Bock

He is a member of the development and management teams of Kamailio project and founder of “ng-voice GmbH“, a company with focus on providing consulting services about Voice, IMS and Open-Source. Previously, he was working for Telefonica Germany in Verl & Hamburg on the deployment and operation of the new IMS-platform at Telefonica. He was among the leading technologists to develop and provide the first IP telephony solution as a real analog line replacement for Telefonica/O2 in Germany. Carsten has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Applied Sciences of Hamburg, Germany.

Chad Hart

He is Head of Strategic Products at the global telecommunications provider Voxbone. His 14 years of experience in the communications industry includes work done in business intelligence, product marketing, product management, analyst relations, and as a syndicated industry analyst. Chad is also Chief Editor of WebrtcHacks.com, a blog for WebRTC developers. He has a BSECE and MBA from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Daniel-Constantin Mierla

He co-founded Kamailio in June 2005, aiming to build a solid SIP server project where openness to community and contributions has an important role, previously being core developer of SIP Express Router (SER) from its early beginning in 2002. He has a Master degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the Polytechnics University of Bucharest. His experience was accumulated working as consultant for Orange Romania, branch of French Orange mobile operator, and researcher in network communications at Fraunhofer Fokus Institute, Berlin, Germany.

His activity is done at Asipto, a company targeting to offer and build reliable services and solutions that benefit at maximum from Kamailio’s flexibility and features, sharing knowledge and expertise via professional trainings and consultancy. Daniel is leading the development of the Kamailio project and he is member of its management board.

Dragos Vingarzan, Dr.

He is a founder of Core Network Dynamics and the Chief of Engineering. Dragos is the software architect and developer behind the original OpenEPC as well as its hardened OpenEPC++ version, implementing the core platform as well as major functional elements. In the past he has been setting the foundation stones of today’s NGNs, by his activities in the telecom industry turning to all-IP concepts, being also the mastermind behind the Open Source IMS Core project. Today Dragos is splitting his time between bringing OpenEPC out from test-bed environments into the real-world highly customized telecom deployments and leading a group of 20+ researchers at Fraunhofer FOKUS into prototype the next upcoming Open5GCore project.

Elena-Ramona Modroiu

She is a co-founder of Kamailio project, being also member of its management board. Her involvement in VoIP started by joining SER (SIP Express Router) in the spring of 2003, just after several months since the project was publicly released. She became one of the most active contributors, with key modules like avpops, diameter support, pdt, speeddial, uac, xlog. Elana-Ramona has a Master degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the Polytechnics University of Bucharest, Romania, completing the studies at Politechnics University of Valencia, Spain, and Fraunhofer Fokus Institute, Berlin, Germany.

Nowadays she works as VoIP and Kamailio consultant at ASIPTO, focusing on innovative solutions and integration of SIP and VoIP with web2.0. She manages Siremis Project – an open source web admin application for Kamailio – and has authored many tutorials about the Kamailio project, including Devel Guide, Pseudo-Variables Cookbook or Radius Integration.

Fred Posner

He is one of the most active Kamailio community members in USA, promoting the project at many conferences in North America. Fred provides VoIP consulting services through The Palner Group and LOD Communications. In 2010, he and his wife, Yeni Monroy, opened their bakery, in Gainesville, Florida. When not debugging SIP and RTP, Fred is baking bread and the amazing Kamailio cookies.

Giacomo Vacca

He designs, develops and maintains RTC platforms with Open Source applications since 2001. Throughout the years he’s been using Kamailio as a core component of fixed, mobile and WebRTC services, working among others with Truphone and Libon (Orange). Often seen at the edge between Development and Operations, founded RTCSoft, a consultancy company, in 2015.

James Body

He is an energetic supporter of Open Source communications since the early days when SIP Express Router was the only practical way to make Asterisk scale to meet Carrier requirements. He was responsible for building the worlds first mobile OTT VoIP operator based upon OpenSER – and continues to use Kamailio to manipulate mobile network signalling. He is a strong supporter of practical demonstration as the best way to show off technical capabilities. And has never missed a Kamailio World event!

Marius-Iulian Corici, Dr.

He is Deputy Director of Next Generation Network Infrastructures (NGNI) competence center of Fraunhofer FOKUS Institute, where he joined as a researcher in 2005. Currently Marius coordinates the activity of 5G and FUSECO playgrounds. His research work includes multiple patent applications submitted in the area of IP network architectures and multiple publications in the area of Next Generation Mobile Networks in collaboration with various industry partners. Marius holds a PhD in Computer Science from Technical University of Berlin.

Matthew Fredrickson

He has worked at Digium more or less since 2001. He has a BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. He wrote Digium’s SS7 stack, libss7, as well as maintained and developed its ISDN stack libpri. He also wrote a number of DAHDI drivers and maintained the DAHDI project for a number of years. He currently is serving at Digium as the manager of the Asterisk project.

Olle E. Johansson

He is the CEO Edvina AB, Sweden and has more than 25 years of experience in the Unix and networking business, with ten years of VoIP experience. He is an Asterisk and Kamailio developer, trainer and consultant. The focus is on building large scale customized platforms for carriers, call centers and enterprises. Olle is also an advisor to many startups. After 25 years with IPv4 networking, he is also a strong advocate of IPv6 migration, being an active member and contributor to SIP Forum and IETF.

Randy Resnick

He is the producer of VoIP Users Conference (aka VUC). VUC is a weekly live discussion about VoIP, SIP and all kinds of telephony-related topics. The conference has been running for nearly six years, happening every Friday at 12:00 noon US Eastern Time. Many Kamailio developers are frequent participants at VUC, several of them were invited guests in the past, presenting the project and typical use cases.

Sandro Gauci

He is a security researcher, penetration tester and owner of Enable Security company. Sandro is the author of SIPVicious suite, a set of tools that can be used to audit SIP based VoIP systems, providing the famous SIP scanning tool also known as Friendly-Scanner. His daily activity involves simulating attacks, researching the security or lack of it for products and services.

Saúl Ibarra Corretgé

He has been involved with VoIP and related technologies for over 10 years, ever since he discovered he could make a computer call another computer with Asterisk. Fast-forward until today, he is employed by Atlassian where he works together with the Jitsi team to give the world the most advanced Open Source video conferencing solution – the Jitsi VideoBridge and JitsiMeet.

Simon Woodhead

He is founder and Managing Director of Simwood eSMS Limited, a wholesale VoIP enabler. Simwood operates a national UK IP network, VoIP stack and SS7 interconnects, all of which can be leveraged by customers using its leading API. In 1996 Simwood developed ‘eSMS’, the world’s first global gateway between the Internet and Mobile phones, enabling cross-network SMS and SMS<>e-mail. Prior to that Simon worked in finance and was the youngest qualified member of the Securities Institute at the time and through subsequent start-ups was named Barclay’s Young Business Person of the Year. No longer young he combines commercial experience with deep technical knowledge and brings a unique perspective to today’s challenges. Outside of work he has been a Mountain Rescue Team member for over 10 years and played a part in hundreds of incidents, rounding his outlook on life and shaping his approach to leadership.

Thomas Magedanz, Prof. Dr.

He is professor of the chair for Next Generation Networks (AV – Architektur der Vermittlungsknoten in German) in the electrical engineering and computer sciences faculty of the Technische Universität Berlin, Germany, where he is educating masters and PhD students in the fields of multimedia Service Delivery Platform technologies on top of converging fixed and mobile networks, Next Generation Networks, and the Future Internet. In addition, he leads the Next Generation Network Infrastructures (NGNI) Competence Center at Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS in Berlin, Germany, where he is responsible for the performance of major international R&D co-operations and related projects in the context of next generation telecommunications infrastructures. In this context he is a globally recognized pioneer of the development and delivery of advanced network and service technology testbeds and related software tools in the fields of Next Generation Networks and the emerging Future Internet for both academia and industry. Well known examples include the Open IMS Playground and the Open SOA Telco Playground.

Wolfgang Kampichler, Dr.

He is Principal at Frequentis AG, received his Ph.D. from the Vienna University of Technology in 2002. He currently contributes to standardization working groups in Public Safety and Air Traffic Management, and is a recognized expert on NG9-1-1/NG112 and a speaker at public and consumer events addressing topics related to VoIP and emergency services with Internet technology. He has also chaired and co-chaired the Planning Committee for NENA Industry Collaboration Events, and since 2014, he has also chaired the EENA Technical Committee.

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