Kamailio World 2016: Four Weeks Before

Time is passing and Kamailio World Conference 2016 is approaching at fast pace – only four weeks left till the start of the event!

kamailio-world-banner-2016The schedule is pretty much nailed down, with some adjustments still expected to happen. The event starts like the past edition with a half a day of technical workshops, followed by two full conference days.

A larger group of speakers is participating to this edition. There was a big number of speaking proposals and we wanted to highlight more of the people that had a relevant contribution to the evolution of the project. To accommodate properly, two more discussion panels were added, keeping also the classic VUC panel.

The topics cover many of the interesting aspects of real time communications, from security and scalability to WebRTC and VoLTE, touching Kamailio and other open source projects like Asterisk or FreeSwitch.

More details can be found on the website of the event:

Don’t forget that this year Kamailio celebrates 15 years of development, the party is at Kamailio World!

We expect to fill the capacity of the conference room, if you haven’t registered yet and plan to attend, do it as soon as possible to secure your seat!

Many thanks to our sponsors that made possible this event: FhG Fokus, Asipto, Sipwise, Matrix.org, Sipgate, Simwood, NG Voice, Digium, VoiceTel, Evariste Systems, Core Network Dynamics, Pascom, Didx.net.

Thank you for flying Kamailio and looking forward to meeting many of you at Kamailio World 2016!

Kamailio World 2016: Schedule

The first version of Kamailio World 2016 schedule has been published:

Again, we are filling two days and a half of sessions related to real time communications, covering Kamailio, Asterisk or FreeSwitch and common use cases such as telephony services, WebRTC, IMS/VoLTE or OTT platforms. The first day afternoon is hosting the workshops, the sessions where to expect more hands on examples.

We are also try to finalize a way to offer a trip to Fraunhofer Fokus Institute for seeing some of their interesting demos on the FUSECO and 5G playgrounds in the NGNI (Next Generation Network Infrastructure) department coordinated by Prof. Dr. Thomas Magedanz.

With the celebration of 15 years of development of Kamailio, we tried to bring together some of the past developers to share more about internals of Kamailio, but also discuss about the future of the project – two open discussion panels being scheduled on these topics.kamailio-world-banner-2016

It looks like is going to be the greatest of the editions so far, with many of the community members around as well as other friendly open source projects. Definitely an edition one must not miss! Don’t delay your registration, the capacity of the room is limited and we expect to be fully booked! Register now!

Looking forward to meeting many of you in Berlin!

And thank you for flying Kamailio!