Two months till the start of Kamailio World 2016, the event is again gathering a consistent group of speakers with invaluable expertise in real time communications, building up a very interesting schedule. Combined with the celebration of 15 years of development for Kamailio project, we are trying to organize the jubilee edition that is hard to forget. It is already attracting a lot if interest, with excellent propagation on the market.

If you want to contribute to the success of the event and benefit of a great exposure, you can join us as a sponsor. You can choose from several standard packages presented in the Sponsorship page [1] or ask for a personalized package that can be tailored to suit better your needs.

Many of the persons with relevant contributions to the evolution of the project are invited to the event. Also, we are offering again several grants to students interested in real time communications (last editions we had four students from Austria, Netherlands and  Slovakia). If SER-OpenSER-Kamailio helped you along the years, your support will help bringing on board more people that can contribute back to the project as well as having a great 15 years celebration with many developers at Kamailio World 2016!

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details about sponsorship options.



See you in Berlin!