Please note that not all proposals were reviewed, for now this is a short list with a selection of accepted speakers. More will be published in the near future.

Aleksandar Sošić

He studied Computer Science (BSc) at the Faculty of Mathematics and IT of the University of Trieste in Italy. Aleksandar is a Croatian based Entrepreneur, ICT consultant and software engineer. Developing primarily web applications for more than a decade, but with a wide knowledge and skills in computer science, ranging from networking to containerisation, orchestration of microservices and test driven development with continuous integration. Currently he is working as an ICT consultant on the integration and development of a high scalable and modular SIP/VoIP cloud infrastructure. Aleksandar is very passionate about the Lean Startup methodology for creating and managing startups, IoT – Internet of Things, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. In the spare time he enjoys the outdoors as a photographer and alpinist.

Alex Balashov

He is principal of Evariste Systems, Atlanta area, GA, USA, a consultancy specializing in open-source focused SIP service delivery solutions for wholesale and retail ITSPs and competitive carriers (CLECs). Alex is a member of Kamailio project management board, involved in application development and community engagement.

Alexandr Dubovikov

He is employed as Senior Voice Engineer for QSC AG, one of the major German voice and data providers. Alexandr holds a diploma in physics of Odessa State University. He has 20 years of experience in telecommunication techniques and has contributed to many OpenSource projects like FeeeSwitch, SER, Kamailio, SEMS, Asterisk, SIPP, Wireshark. Alexandr is the founder and main developer of Homer SIP Capture project.

Andreas Granig

He holds a degree in IT/IT-Marketing from University of Applied Sciences in Graz, Austria. He is involved in VoIP development since 2000 and later co-founded Sipwise, a company dedicated to provide highly available and scalable SIP soft-switch appliances based on open-source building blocks like Kamailio and SEMS for medium to large-size ISPs/ITSPs. A well know product released by Sipwise is the SIP:Provider IP telephony platform. Andreas is member of management board of Kamailio project.

Bart Coelmont

He graduated in 2008 as telecommunications engineer at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. Bart started working at Proximus, the incumbent telecom operator of Belgium, where he was actively involved into the deployment of the IMS network and the migration of all legacy services to IP. Recently he joined Netaxis Solutions, a competence center in Voice over IP. Netaxis is based in Brussels but is expanding to the Netherlands, France, Italy and the UK.

Carsten Bock

He is a member of the development and management teams of Kamailio project and founder of “ng-voice GmbH“, a company with focus on providing consulting services about Voice, IMS and Open-Source. Previously, he was working for Telefonica Germany in Verl & Hamburg on the deployment and operation of the new IMS-platform at Telefonica. He was among the leading technologists to develop and provide the first IP telephony solution as a real analog line replacement for Telefonica/O2 in Germany. Carsten has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Applied Sciences of Hamburg, Germany.

Daniel-Constantin Mierla

He co-founded Kamailio in June 2005, aiming to build a solid SIP server project where openness to community and contributions has an important role, previously being core developer of SIP Express Router (SER) from its early beginning in 2002. He has a Master degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the Polytechnics University of Bucharest. His experience was accumulated working as consultant for Orange Romania, branch of French Orange mobile operator, and researcher in network communications at Fraunhofer Fokus Institute, Berlin, Germany.

His activity is done at Asipto, a company targeting to offer and build reliable services and solutions that benefit at maximum from Kamailio’s flexibility and features, sharing knowledge and expertise via professional trainings and consultancy. Daniel is leading the development of the Kamailio project and he is member of its management board.

Daniel Pocock

He is Professional software engineer and consultant. Daniel has developed enterprise grade solutions for some of the giants of the financial services industry, including secure connectivity for UBS (using Apache Camel), the first customer-facing WebRTC contact solution on Wall Street at Interactive Brokers, enterprise-wide real-time monitoring for Barclays Capital (based on Ganglia) and a wide range of real-time financial trade capture and risk management solutions for Thomson Reuters. Despite the highly proprietary nature of these enterprises, Pocock has remained a champion of efficient, cost effective open source solutions to meet demanding business requirements.

He actively contributes to a range of free software projects with a focus on real-time communications (RTC) and VoIP, in particular, Lumicall, JSCommunicator, DruCall, reSIProcate, Ganglia and flactag. Pocock is the author of the RTC Quick Start Guide and is part of the team behind the O’Reilly book Monitoring with Ganglia.

Daniel is a Debian and Fedora Developer and an OpenCSW package maintainer. He is a licensed radio amateur with the callsigns VK3TQR, M0GLR and HB9FZT.

Dan Christian Bogos

He is the founder of ITsysCOM, experienced communications architect and VoIP specialist. Dan is a double graduate of Politechnica University, Timisoara, with post-graduate specialization in Communication Protocols and Software Development. For the past couple of years, he has focused mainly on Cloud Computing Technologies interoperability, subject of his PhD thesis research. A frequent and well-known contributor to the Open Source community, most noticeably being the co-founder of CGRateS Project, Dan is a firm believer in merging the very best production-ready software to create high-quality, scalable and cost-effective communications solutions.

Dragos Vingarzan, Dr.

He is a founder of Core Network Dynamics and the Chief of Engineering. Dragos is the software architect and developer behind the original OpenEPC as well as its hardened OpenEPC++ version, implementing the core platform as well as major functional elements. In the past he has been setting the foundation stones of today’s NGNs, by his activities in the telecom industry turning to all-IP concepts, being also the mastermind behind the Open Source IMS Core project.

Elena-Ramona Modroiu

She is a co-founder of Kamailio project, being also member of its management board. Her involvement in VoIP started by joining SER (SIP Express Router) in the spring of 2003, just after several months since the project was publicly released. She became one of the most active contributors, with key modules like avpops, diameter support, pdt, speeddial, uac, xlog. Elana-Ramona has a Master degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the Polytechnics University of Bucharest, Romania, completing the studies at Politechnics University of Valencia, Spain, and Fraunhofer Fokus Institute, Berlin, Germany.

Nowadays she works as VoIP and Kamailio consultant at ASIPTO, focusing on innovative solutions and integration of SIP and VoIP with web2.0. She manages Siremis Project – an open source web admin application for Kamailio – and has authored many tutorials about the Kamailio project, including Devel Guide, Pseudo-Variables Cookbook or Radius Integration.

Fred Posner

He is one of the most active Kamailio community members in USA, promoting the project at many conferences in North America. Fred provides VoIP consulting services through The Palner Group and LOD Communications. In 2010, he and his wife, Yeni Monroy, opened their bakery, in Gainesville, Florida. When not debugging SIP and RTP, Fred is baking bread and the amazing Kamailio cookies.

Giacomo Vacca

He designs, develops and maintains RTC platforms with Open Source applications since 2001. Throughout the years he’s been using Kamailio as a core component of fixed, mobile and WebRTC services, working among others with Truphone and Libon (Orange). Often seen at the edge between Development and Operations, founded RTCSoft, a consultancy company, in 2015.

Giovanni Maruzzelli

He is heavily engaged with FreeSWITCH, of which he wrote the interface with Skype and with cellular phones. Giovanni is a consultant for the Telco sector, developing software and training courses for FreeSWITCH, SIP, WebRTC and Kamailio. An Internet tech pioneer, in 1996 Giovanni was cofounder of Italia Online, the most popular Italian portal and consumer ISP, and architect of its Internet technologies – www.italiaonline.it Then supervisor of Internet operations and architect of the first engine for paid access to www.ilsole24ore.com , the most read financial newspaper in Italy and to its databases (migrated from mainframe). After that, he was CEO of venture capital funded Matrice, developing Telemail unified messaging and multi language phone access to email (Text To Speech), and CTO of incubator funded Open4, an open source managed applications provider. Then he was for two years in Serbia as Internet and Telecommunication Investment Expert for World Bank – IFC. Since 2005 he’s based in Italy, and serves ICT and Telco companies worldwide.

Henning Westerholt

He is an experienced IT manager for IT Operations and software development. During his career he was responsible for different products at IT service providers and also for the internal IT of different large manufacturing companies in Germany.

Several years ago Henning was responsible at 1&1 Internet AG for the operation of their Voice over IP and DSL platform. This includes the maintenance and deploying of extensions of the Kamailio, Radius, ACS and order middle-ware systems of 1&1. Henning was in charge with one of the biggest VoIP deployments out there, using Kamailio as core routing system: over 3 000 000 users, over 7 000 000 phone numbers and 1 500 000 000 routed minutes per month.

He is a long term Linux user and contributer to several Open Source projects, participating in world wide events, presenting about Kamailio and open source. He holds a master degree in applied computer science from the University of Siegen. Henning is part of Kamailio management team.

James Body

He is an energetic supporter of Open Source communications since the early days when SIP Express Router was the only practical way to make Asterisk scale to meet Carrier requirements. James was responsible for building the worlds first mobile OTT VoIP operator based upon OpenSER – and continues to use Kamailio to manipulate mobile network signalling. He is a strong supporter of practical demonstration as the best way to show off technical capabilities. And has never missed a Kamailio World event!

Julien Chavanton

He is lead VOIP software engineer at Flowroute, USA and a big open source and free software enthusiast. Julien has spent almost 20 years in computer and IP telephony integration, contributing since 2000 to projects such as GNU Bayonne, Linphone, FreeSwitch and Kamailio. In the past he has worked for Libon Orange Telecom Paris, France; Castmultimedia Montreal, Québec, Canada; Atlas Telecom London, UK. His recent contributions to Kamailio are related to optimizations to distributed message queue (dmq) for user location replication in geographical multi-node deployments, JSON accounting and SIP load balancing.

Lorenzo Miniero

He is the chairman and co-founder of Meetecho, a company providing both consultancy services and communication platforms. He got is degree and Ph.D at the Computer Science Department at the University of Napoli Federico II, where he started working on multimedia conferencing and met the colleagues with whom he co-founded Meetecho as an academic spin-off. He is an active contributor to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standardization activities, especially in the framework of real-time multimedia applications. He is most known as the author of the Janus WebRTC Gateway, a general purpose and open source WebRTC server-side implementation.

Mack Hendricks

He obtained a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Masters of Science in Computer Science from Oakland University located in Rochester Hills, MI. Mack has worked for large Silicon Valley based companies for most of his 20 year career in technology, which included 5 years at Sun Microsystems and 10 years at Oracle Corporation. In parallel, Mack is an entrepreneur, which has built companies in the restaurant and technology sector. Mack has been working on VoIP based systems for 10 years.

Marius-Iulian Corici, Dr.

He is Deputy Director of Next Generation Network Infrastructures (NGNI) competence center of Fraunhofer FOKUS Institute, where he joined as a researcher in 2005. Currently Marius coordinates the activity of 5G and FUSECO playgrounds. His research work includes multiple patent applications submitted in the area of IP network architectures and multiple publications in the area of Next Generation Mobile Networks in collaboration with various industry partners. Marius holds a PhD in Computer Science from Technical University of Berlin.

Mathias Pasquay

He is the co-founder and CEO of pascom Netzwerktechnik, Germany, with over 10 years experience in the delivery of integrated systems based on open source software. A software developer at heart, Mathias was instrumental in the creation of pascom’s Asterisk based MobyDick VoIP PBX, which provides a user friendly and feature rich Business Communications platform. Although, his role as founder and CEO sees Mathias having an active role across all aspects of pascom’s business activities, he is also supervising MobyDick’s ongoing development.

Matthew Fredrickson

He has worked at Digium more or less since 2001. He has a BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. He wrote Digium’s SS7 stack, libss7, as well as maintained and developed its ISDN stack libpri. He also wrote a number of DAHDI drivers and maintained the DAHDI project for a number of years. He currently is serving at Digium as the manager of the Asterisk project.

Michael Iedema

After first learning about VoIP in the days of Free World Dialup, Michael has spent more than 15 years developing telecommunications products. Ever since founding the AskoziaPBX Open Source project, his focus has remained turning complex technology into highly usable products.

Most recently he has been developing a cellular base station firmware for Range Networks which bridges the world of 3GPP radio standards and IETF Internet protocols.

In 2014 he began following the development of cryptocurrencies and their underlying technology, blockchain.

Miriam Libonati

She is the Head of Marketing at 2600Hz in San Francisco CA. She has worked in tech for over 13 years at companies such as Oracle, Linkedin and Facebook. Although newer to the telecom landscape, she has a strong passion for staying engaged in cutting edge industry trends, understanding fundamentals of technical evolution across communications, and exploring the world of unified communications at various levels. She graduated with focus on business marketing strategy and communications, and has recently started exploring ventures into basic coding skills to better explore the open source landscape. Given the KAZOO platform is one of the strongest open core platforms across the industry, what better way to emerge in the world of open source communications.

Nir Simionovich

He is the founder and CEO of cloudonix.io, an emerging CPaaS service provider operating world wide, currently servicing over 5 million subscribers and devices world-wide. As an open source integration expert and evangelist, Nir Simionovich has delivered memorable conference speeches and participated in panels in many parts of the world. These include North America, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, the Far East, Africa and, of course, Israel – where Nir is Based. He is a professional Asterisk application and platforms developer with a flare for platform development in various fields. He is also an established author, having written two books about Asterisk.

Olle E. Johansson

He is the CEO Edvina AB, Sweden and has more than 25 years of experience in the Unix and networking business, with ten years of VoIP experience. He is an Asterisk and Kamailio developer, trainer and consultant. The focus is on building large scale customized platforms for carriers, call centers and enterprises. Olle is also an advisor to many startups. After 25 years with IPv4 networking, he is also a strong advocate of IPv6 migration, being an active member and contributor to SIP Forum and IETF.

Paolo Visintin

He is the co-founder of evosip.cloud an Italian startup that will provide VoIP PaaS containerized services, leveraging a cloud VoIP infrastructure with particular emphasis on scalability and QoE (Quality of Experience), developing server-side enterprise applications using microservice architecture approach with containers (Docker & Kubernetes) on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and on premise. He is also promoting a Lean Startup C5 VoIP project and migrating the internal Software Dep. to agile working using the Scrum methodology, detaching the monolithic approach and knowledge to a non lock-in language needing and micro-services deployment.

Randy Resnick

He is the producer of VoIP Users Conference (aka VUC). VUC is a weekly live discussion about VoIP, SIP and all kinds of telephony-related topics. The conference has been running for nearly six years, happening every Friday at 12:00 noon US Eastern Time. Many Kamailio developers are frequent participants at VUC, several of them were invited guests in the past, presenting the project and typical use cases.

Sandro Gauci

He is a security researcher, penetration tester and owner of Enable Security company. Sandro is the author of SIPVicious suite, a set of tools that can be used to audit SIP based VoIP systems, providing the famous SIP scanning tool also known as Friendly-Scanner. His daily activity involves simulating attacks, researching the security or lack of it for products and services.

Sebastian Damm

He is working at sipgate, one of the first and largest SIP providers in Germany and across Europe. Sebastian graduated Technical University of Chemnitz, Germany, and he is involved in SIP since 2006, with direct experience in managing a platform with several hundreds of thousands active users, being also an active member of Kamailio community.

Simon Woodhead

He is founder and Managing Director of Simwood eSMS Limited, a wholesale VoIP enabler. Simwood operates a national UK IP network, VoIP stack and SS7 interconnects, all of which can be leveraged by customers using its leading API. In 1996 Simwood developed ‘eSMS’, the world’s first global gateway between the Internet and Mobile phones, enabling cross-network SMS and SMS<>e-mail. Prior to that Simon worked in finance and was the youngest qualified member of the Securities Institute at the time and through subsequent start-ups was named Barclay’s Young Business Person of the Year. No longer young he combines commercial experience with deep technical knowledge and brings a unique perspective to today’s challenges. Outside of work he has been a Mountain Rescue Team member for over 10 years and played a part in hundreds of incidents, rounding his outlook on life and shaping his approach to leadership.

Stefan Sayer

Since 2003, when he was part of the research team at Fraunhofer FOKUS
Research Institute, Stefan has been active in the open source VoIP/RTC world, and been known for contributions such as SEMS, the SIP Express Media Server. As co-founder of FRAFOS GmbH, he has overlooked the development of the ABC SBC, a turn-key Session Border Controller and WebRTC gateway product. Stefan has also advised and supported a number of initiatives, organizations and companies as technical consultant.

Surendra Tiwari

He is a dedicated professional with a strong experience in Open Source projects like FreeSWITCH, Asterisk or Kamailio. As developer, Surendra has a broad knowledge in Perl, Shell Script, C, C++, PHP, LUA and GoLang; being quick in interpreting & analyzing business processes, and experienced in providing and implementing technical solutions for global clients.

He is accustomed to maintaining sensitivity and confidentiality, an adept of smooth client interactions and formal business communications. Surendra is also a passionate academician, taking many courses at Gate Institute across Inding, including curriculum-based regular sessions and guest lectures. He is working for Plivo, the telephony API platform.

Thomas Magedanz, Prof. Dr.

He is professor of the chair for Next Generation Networks (AV – Architektur der Vermittlungsknoten in German) in the electrical engineering and computer sciences faculty of the Technische Universität Berlin, Germany, where he is educating masters and PhD students in the fields of multimedia Service Delivery Platform technologies on top of converging fixed and mobile networks, Next Generation Networks, and the Future Internet. In addition, he leads the Next Generation Network Infrastructures (NGNI) Competence Center at Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS in Berlin, Germany, where he is responsible for the performance of major international R&D co-operations and related projects in the context of next generation telecommunications infrastructures. In this context he is a globally recognized pioneer of the development and delivery of advanced network and service technology testbeds and related software tools in the fields of Next Generation Networks and the emerging Future Internet for both academia and industry. Well known examples include the Open IMS Playground and the Open SOA Telco Playground.

Tim Panton

He is Co-founder and CTO at |pipe| Germany and owner of Westhawk Ltd UK. Tim is a futurist with a strong pragmatic instinct who is currently looking at how to apply web technology, thinking and metrics to the entrenched voice communications market (aka the telephone). He has a bright red rotary dial phone on his desk to remind him how little things have improved in 100 years but is optimistic about the change WebRTC can bring. Tim enjoys time with many IoE devices learning about how people relate to their smart objects and the security features they expect.

Victor Seva

He is a senior VoIP developer based in Spain, currently working for Foehn, UK. Victor has been a very active contributor to Kamailio during the past years, with many enhancements to the Lua interpreter, debugger, cfgt and other modules, he has build the continuous integration ecosystem for Kamailio development with Docker, Travis-CI and Jenkins. Victor is a registered Debian developer, maintaining also the packages for Kamailio in the official Debian distribution.

Wolfgang Kampichler, Dr.

He is Principal at Frequentis AG, received his Ph.D. from the Vienna University of Technology in 2002. He currently contributes to standardization working groups in Public Safety and Air Traffic Management, and is a recognized expert on NG9-1-1/NG112 and a speaker at public and consumer events addressing topics related to VoIP and emergency services with Internet technology. He has also chaired and co-chaired the Planning Committee for NENA Industry Collaboration Events, and since 2014, he has also chaired the EENA Technical Committee.

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