The workshops are the sessions on Wed, May 18, 2016, starting around noon and focusing more on hands on examples and technical discussions.

New workshops may be added before the event, take in considerate the full time frame between 12:00 and 18:00 when planning your trip. Next are more details about the scheduled workshops.

Workshop: Kamailio for IMS and VoLTE
Carsten Bock, CEO NG Voice, Germany
An overview of the extensions offered by Kamailio for building IMS and VoLTE core platforms, with examples for various use cases and integration with WebRTC.
Workshop: Analyzing SIP Traffic With Homer Sipcapture
Lorenzo Mangani, Liberty Global, The Netherlands
How to use Homer Sipcapture for Kamailio deployments.
Workshop: Continuous Integration With Kamailio
Giacomo Vacca, Owner RTCSoft, Italy
Considerable improvements can be achieved by automating the integration of Kamailio-based projects: automated builds, tests and deployments save time and increase reliability. This presentation focuses on common practices to automate the build of Kamailio (and RTPEngine) on various distributions and deploy them, together with their configuration, on testing and production environments.
Docker plays an important role in providing flexible, clean building environments and keep the process reproducible. We’ll see how Jenkins can orchestrate the builds with Docker slaves, and perform the deployments with a combination of platform-specific packages, Fabric, Puppet and Ansible.
Workshop: Troubleshooting Kamailio
Daniel-Constantin Mierla, Co-Founder Kamailio, Asipto, Germany
The realtime communication services keep evolving at fast pace, a rolling ball that is forcing all the players to innovate. With that, implementing you business ideas with Kamailio can result in large configuration files. This talk is presenting the internal tools that Kamailio provides for troubleshooting of SIP routing and config files as well as the API for external monitoring needed for smooth operations. As a plus, few tips&tricks are revealed to make the life of VoIP engineers easier.