Two trips are planned to visit the Fraunhofer FOKUS 5G and FUSECO Playgrounds:

The trips will be done by a shuttle bus leaving from the front of the building where Kamailio World takes place, with the next timetable for the two trips:

  • departure at 10:30am – return expected at 1:00pm
  • departure at 12:00pm – return expected at 2:30pm

Note that parts of these trips are available only for the participants registered for workshops and they may overlap with some of the workshops sessions. The schedule of the workshops sessions is available at:

Be aware the schedule might be adjusted a bit in the near future. We plan to record the workshops sessions and make the videos available after the event.

This is a complementary activity offered during the Kamailio World Workshops day, May 18, 2016. Depending on the demand, the capacity of participants to handle for one trip may be exceeded — we will try to accommodate everyone for the preferred time, but we can’t promise firmly. It is recommended to write us in advance if you want to reserve a seat for a specific time frame – email us or use the contact form.

The registration desk of Kamailio World will be open at 10:00am for those that will go to Fokus Institute at 10:30am.


Next is a short description of what to expect while visiting the Fraunhofer FOKUS 5G Playground.

As part of the Kamailio World 2016, Fraunhofer FOKUS is offering an option to visit the demonstration area of the Next Generation Network Infrastructures (NGNI) competence center, where the latest achievements in terms of prototyping will be presented, as part of a convergent 5G Playground demonstration. Featuring an SDN backhaul, a complete NFV framework, a re-designed core network for 5G environment and a new device connectivity platform addressing massive device connectivity, the 5G playground mirrors the advances of the technology in multiple complimentary directions from which the 5G environment is composed of. The demonstration will present the technical decisions taken while implementing such a comprehensive lab environment as well as a future roadmap of the carrier-grade operator infrastructure, platforms and services.